Identity theft is one of the fastest growing crimes in America, up 47% from the year before.1

Identity Theft Protection

Identity theft can negatively impact both your financial and personal well-being. No service can promise you’ll never be a victim. But as a Baystate Health employee, you can enroll in a new benefit plan, provided by ID Watchdog, for peace of mind for you and your family. You are protected by technology that monitors credit reports and social networks, scans the black market and hacker forums for your personal information, and identifies a new high-risk transaction or other indications of identity theft.

Appropriate action taken early helps minimize damage. If you are a victim, you and your family are entitled to fully managed resolution services, with a 100% Resolution Guarantee. ID Watchdog has never failed to restore an identity. Plus, you are insured for identity theft-related expenses up to $1,000,000.

Besides proactive identity security, for one low monthly rate, you and your family get:

  • Internet Black Market and Hacker Surveillance
  • $1,000,000 Expense Reimbursement Insurance plus 100% Resolution Guarantee
  • Credit Report(s), Score(s) and Credit Report Monitoring
  • Proactive Monitoring of Billions of Data Points
  • Social Network Alerts
  • Registered Sex Offender Reporting and Notifications
  • Monthly Credit Score Tracker and Credit Score Simulator
  • Password Manager

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Plan Information:

There are two ID Watchdog plans offered to Baystate Health employees. See the table below for plan information.




Plan Differences




Single-bureau credit monitoring provides alerts when activity changes in a TransUnion credit report are detected. This single-bureau plan can be a good option if you are looking for an affordable identity theft protection service, offering consistency, access to proactive services and advanced tools at an affordable cost.




Tri-bureau credit monitoring provides alerts when activity changes in TransUnion, Equifax, or Experian credit reports are detected. While this tri-bureau credit monitoring plan costs a little more ($2 - $4 per month), it provides all the same features of the 1B plan plus the best monitoring coverage of three bureaus, so any fraudulent activity can be detected quickly. On average, tri-bureau credit monitoring catches 43% more credit alerts than single-bureau.

*per employee per month

With ID Watchdog, you get the largest identity and credit security network available. You get Identity theft prevention experts committed around the clock to keeping your personal information secure. Look at all you get with both ID Watchdog plans compared with some free services:



ID Watchdog

Credit Monitoring Only

Detects Credit Fraud

Catches identity theft activity beyond your credit cards or bank account


Catches activity involving your Social Security number with a different name or address


Helps resolve all types of identity fraud beyond discrepancies on your credit report


Alerts you when student loans, your payroll, or insurance records are fraudulently accessed


Alerts you when fraudulent payday loans, cell phone accounts, or utility accounts are created in your name


Includes extra features to help protect your entire identity such as password manager, social network alerts, and sex offender reporting and alerts


100% ID Theft Resolution Guarantee*


$1,000,000 Expense Reimbursement Coverage


*ID Watchdog has never failed to restore an identity.

No service can completely prevent Identity theft. But you can rest assured that if you are a victim, ID Watchdog does not stop working on your case until your identity is completely restored to its pre-incident state. The process is completely hassle-free, so you never lose crucial time.


You can enroll in this benefit anytime during the year.
ID Watchdog protection goes beyond basic coverage from banks and credit cards. ID Watchdog watches for your personal information to appear in telltale places that bank and credit card services don’t go, including social media sites, as well as black market/hacker forums. Unlike other identity theft protection services, ID Watchdog uses a two-step verification process and encrypts your data to make sure your personal information doesn’t fall into the wrong hands.
Your customer service features automatically activate on your benefit start date. ID Watchdog is the only vendor in the industry to offer Instant-On Complete Monitoring.

You can cancel your coverage at any time by contacting Mercer at 855-290-5661 or selecting the current benefit elections option at, logging in, and declining the benefit(s) you wish to cancel (leave others unchanged). The cancellation would become effective the first day of the month after the request and you could re-enroll at any time. If payroll deducted, your first or second paycheck after the cancellation is processed would reflect the change and a refund should be issued within 30 days of the date the cancellation is processed by your plan Carrier, if applicable.

A fraudulent credit card charge is the least of your concerns. Identity theft can include fraud regarding employment or governmental records. That could result in an arrest record in your name, as well as difficulty finding new employment, a place to live, or obtaining and accessing credit.

ID Watchdog is Payment Card Industry (PCI) certified. To ensure the highest level of protection, ID Watchdog encrypts all your data using military-grade protocols. ID Watchdog employees are HIPAA-compliant trained and mandated to complete extensive industry training on Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), Identity Theft Red Flags, Personally Identifying Information (PII) and more. ID Watchdog requires two-step login authentication to ensure that only authorized users access their personal information.
Yes, all ID Watchdog plans cover children/dependents up to age 26. This is important because until children reach 18 years of age and apply for credit, they will not know if their identities have suffered from fraudulent activity. By then, they may have already been a victim of identity theft which may impact their ability to get a student loan, scholarship, internship/job, or credit card.

Payments are made via Baystate Health payroll deduction. Payroll deduction is not available to employees who work less than 16 hours or are in a per diem employment status, however, payment can be made directly with the benefit carrier.

After you enroll in ID Theft protection on the BenefitsPlus website, your new coverage information is sent from Mercer to ID Watchdog. This enrollment file is sent each Monday to ID Watchdog. Once the file is sent, you should allow two business days for the file to be processed and the ID Watchdog system updated with your new coverage information. At that point the monitoring service begins, although your coverage technically will not begin until the first of month following your completed enrollment. Enrollment confirmation and policy documentation will be mailed to the address you provided to ID Watchdog approximately one week after coverage is issued in their system. It can take around 2-4 weeks for you to begin seeing premiums deducted from your paycheck, which would be around the time of your policy effective date.

For example: If you enrolled on the BenefitsPlus website on Tuesday May 2, Mercer would send the file to ID Watchdog on Monday May 8. ID Watchdog should have your enrollment in in their system and monitoring begins on May 10. Your policy coverage, however, would begin June 1.

If you are in a per-diem employment status or work part-time (less than 16 hours or less than 15 hours VNA), the above process does not apply as you will enroll and make payments directly with each carrier.



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